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Student Announcements

20-WEEK GRADES ARE DUE in only 4 WEEKS!!!—You still have time to improve your grades!  Get the highest grade possible by turning in all assignments, studying for midterm tests/quizzes, and putting forth your best effort.

THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY: November 23rd to November 27th. Enjoy the holiday. Rest, Relax, and if you need to, use the break to catch up on all your missing assignments.   

NOVEMBER IS HOMELESS AWARENESS MONTHto promote "Feed the Homeless" event. We need your support by coming on November 21st and hanging with us for a couple of hours. In addition, we are taking donations such as: socks, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush (travel kit) bread, jam, cheese, water, caprisun juice, animal crackers, storage bags (ziplock). Thank you very much for all your support. Last year, we were able to make 1,500 bags. Help us reach that number again or to even go pass that! 

iPAD DISTRIBUTION IS ON HOLD—  The school cannot distribute iPADs until all students turn in their signed RUP Paperwork.  If you haven’t already, turn in your paperwork!  RUP Paperwork was due on Friday, October 2.  For more information, see Mr. Ivie.

DID YOU LIKE FRIDAY’S PERFORMANCE BY ARTISTRI & POWER 106?  If yes, “Do the Right Thing” and get good grades.  Power 106 will come back to Carnegie--but only if Carnegie students stay in school and make the grade.

SOCCER AT LUNCH WITH MR. MOSES—Lunch Soccer is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Participating students need to submit parent-signed permission forms.  Permission forms are in the Counseling Office.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th is a MINIMUM DAY—School will be dismissed at 12:22 p.m. this Friday.  The after school program will be open from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Make appropriate after school arrangements. 

SKATEBOARD ADVISORY—Skateboards may not be carried around the school.  Bring a lock from home and lock them in the bike rack.


Our Mission Statement

We, the stakeholders of Andrew Carnegie Middle School, commit to fostering a safe and civil learning environment, developing all students to their fullest potential in becoming responsible productive citizens.

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Activities for the Week of November 16-30, 2015

Student Planners are HERE!: They will be distributed on Monday the 16th during advisory. It is loaded with resources and tips on succeeding in school. If used correctly, the planner can be one of your most powerful tools. Be sure to keep it updated with what you are doing in school and what YOU need to do to your best.


Turkey TrotOur annual Turkey Trot will be this Thursday, Nov. 19th. Prizes will be awarded to the top runners during each period. NOTE---Blow horns and noise making devices are strictly prohibited.


Turkey Tango Lunch Dance: Join us for a holiday-themed lunch dance in Powers Hall. Students who received no F's, D's, or U's on their 15-week progress report will receive a free ticket to the dance. Students who exhibited the "Most Improved" behavior may also receive free dance tickets. Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $1. 


Today: 11/25/15
All Day: Unassigned Days

Faculty Announcements

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TUESDAY— 20% Time continues this Tuesday, November 17. Meet in the LMC at 2:50 for a brief update

on the remaining PD Tuesdays.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR EL PROGRAM—Under the leadership of Mrs. Horton, our EL Program significantly surpassed the District’s redesignation rate.  Congratulations to Mrs. Horton and our hard working EL students and teachers!

10-MINUTE RULE: Please honor our policy which states that there are no passes for the first and last 10 minutes of class.   

NEW BIC PASSES—  Please issue “Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)” Passes to students who help with Breakfast in the Classroom.  School staff need to keep track of students who are out of class for legitimate reasons. 

ISSUE PASSES FOR NUTRITION & LUNCH IN YOUR ROOM— Students must have teacher-issued passes for visiting classrooms at Nutrition and Lunch.  Passes must state the date, time, destination, student name, and feature a teacher signature.  Thank you for helping us to keep our campus secure and orderly.


Prepare for El Nino!